The $67, worry-free solution to Healthcare Reform

The Washington Hospitality Association is pleased to bring employers an affordable solution to dealing with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and its implications to your business and employees.

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$67 / month.

For $67 per month, eligible employees can be enrolled in a MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) plan.

Avoid Fines.

This MEC plan meets ACA requirements by offering preventative care to employees. As a result, employers avoid being fined $2,160 ($180 / month) per employee. And, employees avoid the individual mandate fine.

ACA Compliant.

Included in the cost is a ACA compliance software tool that helps calculate which employees are eligible for the MEC plan on a monthly basis. It also completes all necessary reporting requirements.

All applicable large employers (50+ FTE) are required to complete the tax forms for calendar year 2016 eligible employees.

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